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Council Secretariat

Mailing Address P.O. Box 2044 Halifax, NS B3J 2Z1

Courier Address 5161 George Street Suite 1006 Halifax NS B3J 1M7

Fax: 902-424-8976 Email: info@cap-cpma.ca

Contact Us

Important notice: The constant increase in unsolicited (spam) email has made protective measures necessary. The email addresses provided only contain the first part of the address. You will need to add the "at" symbol before cap-cpma.ca manually after that element. Thank you for your understanding. 

Title Name Telephone E-mail
Secretary to Council Mary Moszynski (902) 424-7600 mary
Administrative Assistant Yolaine Turcotte (902) 424-7601 yturcotte
Chief Financial Officer Rod Casey (902) 424-5078 rcasey
Accounting and Pension Officer Jackie Ruggles (902) 424-8974 jruggles
Regional Coordinator Jason Kontak (902) 424-3453 jkontak