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Workforce Growth and Retention

The Atlantic Provinces have significant potential for economic growth. Prosperity and economic growth rely on a growing population. Retaining and attracting a skilled workforce is a critical competitiveness issue. This issue impacts provincial innovation and prosperity agendas, our knowledge industry sectors and inward investment prospects. An available skilled workforce is critical to the successful implementation of the region's large-scale capital projects in energy, mining and shipbuilding.

To build and strengthen the region's workforce, premiers established the Atlantic Workforce Partnership. This allows the four provinces to work collaboratively to address skills deficits, enhance training programs and apprenticeship opportunities, recruit and retain immigrants and build on one another's economic strengths. The Partnership assists provinces in preparing for changing skill requirements and the anticipated demand associated with major capital projects.

Building on the success of the Atlantic Population Table (APT) the Partnership includes recruitment and retention of immigrants as an opportunity for the provinces to meet their labour demands.